Welcome to the Wall Of Angels. This location is a site where all our lost children are remembered and loved.

I am a writer. I am currently writing about loss, grief, and hope. Every morning I look up at the black and white portrait of my Emma Grace, and take strenth, knowing her sprirt is always with me.

From this, the Angel Wall was born. The invitation extends to each and every one of you who has suffered the loss of a child to send a photo, name and date to be added to the wall.

Our babies were here, regardless of when they flew. They are our children and they deserve to be remembered.

Although I will post occasionally, the focus is the growth of Our Angel Wall as shown through a series of pictures.

As you scroll through our wall, I only ask that you take a moment to ingest each name and think of their parents. Readable names will be posted below the picture.

Thank you for your bravery.

Thank you for remembering Our Angels.



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remembering All Our Babies

It has been nearly one year since my office wall has been slowly transformed into a loving memorial by all your angel babies.
Last week I spent the better part of a day creating a 'remembrance date' card for each and every baby on the wall. I weaved them into the memory of all other families Share Southern Vermont supports creating this: a month by month remembrance reminder.
If your angel baby is on the wall, she or he or they are also in here.
Meaning, that you will receive a loving message on the anniversary of your angel's passing. It is just one more way that I feel we (all the mommies and daddies represented here) can support you on your grief road.
It has also been about a year that I have had this:

a gift from my mother. Beautiful, powerful, containing messages of all kinds about angels and how they live within our earthly lives. Like this one:

I've never quite known what to do with it, but today -- while meditating, an idea struck. We are starting anew, every year another rotation of days completes and we are left to begin, yet again, without our baby.
Each time I send a 'birthday' card, I'll also post an 'angel message'. If it is meant to speak to you -- it will.
Thinking of each of you as your season of memory arrives.


Holly said...

Thanks for remembering!

Once A Mother said...

your work is so meaningful and beautiful. i can't tell you how many times i have thought of peyton up on that wall, and been so grateful to know that she is being remembered, not only by me. thank you so, so much.

Once A Mother said...

I was so touched to receive your card this week. It lifted my spirits to know that others were remembering Peyton with me on what should be her third birthday. Thank you SO much xoxo